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Tony Heaney is a keyboard player, cameraman and film editor from Australia...

Early bands Tony played keyboards in the late seventies included: Meccalissa;  a Newcastle based band. Members of Meccalissa included: Darrel Mepham, Greg Bryce: guitar and vocals, Roy Giles replaced Mark Middleton on bass and Tony D'Abruzzo played drums. Tony Heaney joined the trio Meccalissa as a keyboard player to form the band.  Meccalissa played at the Star Hotel Newcastle in 1978. Newcastle band DV8 was formed in the late seventies with the members of Meccalissa: Greg Bryce, Tony Heaney and Tony D'Abbrruzo along with Brad Heaney and Alan Cook.  Tony Heaney played in Earthwood with and Greg Bryce, Peter Cornish, John Farrell, Graham Meehan, Kevin Meehan and Greg Lucas. He was in The Hendersons performing vocals and keyboards. 

Tony Heaney played keyboards in the V Dubs in the 1980’s with: Richard Boyle, Geoff De Silva, Laslo Nyerges and Ian Crawford. Replacements & Additions included Kent Jackson and Tony Heany. He played keyboards and was a vocalist in Vegemite Reggae: John Nicols, David Cunningham, Richard Morrison, Martin McLaughlin, Jason Nelson, Kim Pink, Chris Steines, Chris Lee, Rebecca Johnson and Tony Boyd.

 In the 1990’s he played with Galore: Darren Bull, Dave Ferguson, Chris McDermid and Matt Walker. And the duo Stranger Than Fiction with: Rob Taylor and Tony Heaney.

He played Keyboards in Yiante. Members of Yiante included: Ian Sandercoe: vocals and guitar, Paul Elliot: guitar and vocals (was replaced by Ngariki), Craig Lancaster: drums (was replaced by Chris Lowe and Mac Mclennan), Robert Matthews: bass (was replaced by Dave Carter), Josh Callaway replaced Tony Heaney on keyboards. Ian Sandercoe released an album which made its way to London, and was used as pre-show music for Dein Perry's Tap Dogs.

Yiante performed at: The Castle, Fanny's, Delany Hotel, The Cambridge Hotel, SJ's On Beaumont, Acoustic Cafe, Hunter Mission Sleepout, Hiroshima Day Newcastle Civic Park, Mattara 1995, Newcastle University, The Star Hotel, World Music Day 1997, Ethnic Community Festival Hamilton, Street Fest Newcastle Grand Final, Newcastle Workers Club, Casbah Hotel and Three Weeds Balmain, Bar Broadway, Shoal Bay Country Club and more. Yiante has performed with Deborah Conway, Jenny Morris, Tall Tales and True, Silverchair, Merril Bainbridge, Armi, Loving Helena, Silent Scream, Maree Hawker, Boom Crash Opera and Steve Gibson.

Tony Heaney filmed Yiante’s music video clip Wheels at the home of Yiante members and Lagoon Ridge Dungog, NSW Australia.

Tony Heaney is somewhere out there...

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